Gamache Landscape Company offers outstanding residential or commercial maintenance programs which insure that our clients’ landscape investment is properly maintained. You deserve a company that is responsive to you! Our maintenance department allows us to do that. We will respond quickly and efficiently to your request.

  • Lawn Care Maintenance Program
    • Mowing, edging, and fertilization for fine lawn areas.
    • Mowing to include pick-up and off site disposal of clippings.
    • Lawn broadleaf weed control application.
    • Cleanup and weed control for planting beds.
    • Ornamental bed pre-emergent applications (twice per year).
    • Ornamental bed spot weed control applications (three times per year).
    • Plant fertilization.
    • Fall/winter pruning of all plant material under 15' (once per year).
    • Monthly winter cleanup visits for December, January, and February.
    • Blowing of sidewalks and litter control within landscape areas.
    • Irrigation monitoring, as required.
    • Irrigation system winterization and spring reactivation.