Hours of operation vary by season and severe weather:
The Nursery is now open
Nursery Hours: 9 am - 5 pm Monday-Friday
We would be glad to assist you with Nursery purchases!

Time Tested Plants
Our nursery team takes advantage of their experience, including over 20 years of feedback from our designers and maintenance crews who see first hand what works and what struggles.

We specialize in flowers, shrubs, and trees that have proven themselves in our area year after year. And we are always adding to our go-to list with improved varieties, colors, shapes, and forms.


In our focus on quality landscapes, our nursery staff has become adept at special ordering a wide variety of specimen grade trees. A unique, hand trained specimen can really bring your landscape to the next level, and provide a focal point for the beauty of your yard.

Bedding, rock, pavers

As you prepare your plants for your new home, we have all you need to make your beds look beautiful: Chipped basalt, river rock, shredded bark, gravel, pavers, and boulders.

Our staff is happy to help you on any project. We can even help with any or all of the labor, from delivery of material to full design, flatwork, and irrigation installation. If you are considering a design and need ideas, or want to sketch a few things out with us, come on by!